Feed a tiger by hand

Get close to the largest, most powerful and most fearsome of the big cats. And have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

Feed a tiger
Are you big enough to feed a tiger?

Feeding a tiger is the most fearsome big cat experience there is. Nobody who’s not been right up to this stripey giant and felt his steaming hot breath on their face or stared into those cold, predator eyes, can understand just how big, handsome and all-powerful a tiger is.
Well just try to imagine that. And imagine it bigger and bigger. And scarier and scarier. And stripier and stripier. And then some. And you’ll still be some way short of what magnificent creatures these biggest of big cats are.
But once you’ve done it, you’ll understand the fascination of this amazing creature.
And just imagine being able to say that you’ve actually held out some food for him, and he’s taken it out of your hand. And you’ve stroked him. And you have photos and videos to prove it.
Will your mates be green or what?

Well the good news is that we’ve put together the ultimate big-cat feeding experience guide where you can check out the experiences, compare prices and pick yourself the best possible deal for your day out of a lifetime.

Feed a tiger – how does it work?

Well what you do is buy a big-cat feeding experience, and choose your preferred big cat on the day.

There are two big-cat feeding centres, both in the South of England, where you’ll be able to feed a tiger. Just check out our comprehensive guide here, then book your big-cat feeding experience. Have a brilliant time talking to your friendly and knowledgeable keeper, finding out all about these monarchs of the feline world, and when you’ve looked at all the big cats on your visit, pick out your tiger and feed him (or her).