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Shadow a big cat keeper

The beautiful cheetah - fastest of all land mammals
The beautiful cheetah – fastest of all land mammals


Shadow a big cat keeper?

Getting to shadow a big cat keeper is a great way to get a good look behind the scenes at a big cat enclosure.

This superb day out gives you unprecedented access to the world of the zookeeper tending to the big cats, from mucking out, checking on their welfare, maintaining their enclosure to keep them safe and secure, to preparing their food and even feeding them at mealtime.

feeding a lion
Feeding a lion – but don’t get too close!

It’s quite a lot more than the straightforward “feed a big cat” day and you get to spend quite a bit longer with the staff and see parts of the cat house that you wouldn’t normally see.

Lions, tigers and cheetahs, to name but a few, will be in your care (closely supervised of course by your very knowledgeable keeper!). And we’ve found that the keepers for this experience at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire are as friendly as they come, but have big cat knowledge second to none.
And even better, entrance to the park for the whole day is included, so if you’ve any time left when your shadowing experience is over, you can enjoy the many and varied collections of other wild animals that are living there.

As usual with animal experiences, the selfsame experience is sold by the major experience merchants, so when you’ve made sure that it is indeed the same experience, we recommend buying on price. Watch out for special offers too! We only partner with the best and most reputable suppliers, so you’ll be sure of a good deal. And because our prices are up to the minute, you can buy in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best price available.

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