Feed a lion by hand

Feed a lion by hand?

Yes, that’s right, get the King of the Jungle to come right up to you like a big pussycat and take food right out of your hand!
You get to within inches of 150 kilos or one of the wildest and most cunning carnivores on the planet. You get to look in those cold, killer eyes, feel that hot steaming breath on your face, and touch that wonderful rich lion fur.

And – this is the good bit – it doesn’t eat you afterwards!

The whole lion feeding experience is carefully controlled by a highly skilled keeper, and you are separated from the animal by a cunningly designed fence that lets you feed him but stops him from ripping your arm off. Isn’t technology wonderful lol ?

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Feed a lion – can I feed a tiger instead?

Oh yes you can.

Depending on where and when you go on a big cat feeding day, you may even be able to feed cheetahs, leopards or other cats. It all depends what animals they have available on the day.

But you’ll always be able to feed a lion or a tiger at minimum if you buy a big cat feeding experience.

To help you decide, we’re written for you a comprehensive guide to the whole Big Cat Feeding Experience, where we cover the types of experience day available, the locations, and what happens on a typical day.

We also monitor the available feeding days available and bring you the very latest up to the minute prices so you can be sure you’re getting the very keenest prices available. And you’ll also be the first to take advantage of any special offers.
There’s actually quite a limited number of different ones available, but they’re marketed separately by all the major experience providers who may vary prices and make special offers independently of the others. So you’ll need to check out our full big-cat-feeding guide here